Sunshine On The Horizon...

It's been a while but the sun is shining, freedom is on the horizon, and so we're just sailing by to say hello! ☀️
Soil and Surf 🌱 🌊 has been fortunate to stay busy, even during the most challenging times of 2020-21, thanks to the support of amazing local clients and we're looking forward to digging into more exciting projects this summer. In recent weeks, our Creative Captain has been doing everything from building raised beds for kitchen gardens (or as our wee gardener would say 'it's called an allotment'!!!) to painting the exterior of holiday properties, and creating perfectly manicured lawns and flower beds, ready for outdoor entertaining.
Picnic season is upon us and we're excited to cook up some plant-based feasts, hand-picked from our own allotment. 🌱We've also noticed a surge in queries from local residents asking for help with starting their own vegetable plot. We can support you as you begin a grow-your-own adventure. If you don't like getting your hands dirty, we can stay busy in your garden while you focus on using the fruits - and veg - of our labour in your kitchen.
If you enjoy seafood, please stay local. 🌊 We can help source creel-caught shellfish, landed in Pittenweem Harbour, straight off small, East Neuk boats.
Last but not least. Special mention to
Pittenweem Properties- East Neuk Holiday Rentals
, our pals at
Driftwood cottage
The Crows Nest
, and many more holiday providers who are looking forward to welcoming visitors back to the East Neuk in the coming weeks!
We hope to see you enjoying the simple pleasures of a Soil and Surf lifestyle in gardens, parks, and beaches around the East Neuk in the coming months. 🌱 🌊

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On The Horizon...

Happy New Year! We hope you’ve had an amazing festive holiday. So, what’s on the horizon? Soil and Surf will be making waves 🌊, as Jim has been asked to skipper a creel boat out of Pittenweem over the next couple of months. This means our focus is on ‘surf’ for the foreseeable future and our availability for soil-based activities will be scaled back. We’ll keep you updated as the seasons roll from winter into spring. Meanwhile, hope to catch you later in 2021….⁣

Image - Pittenweem Sunrise, by Stuart at @granitecreative

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How Do You Like 'Em?

How do you like ‘em? Lately, we’ve been stewing our apples for crumbles and eating the cherry tomatoes like sweets. Soon though, it’ll be time to enjoy only what’s been stored in the freezer, jars or shed. For us, this will mostly be tatties, peas, onions, strawberry jam and beetroot. We’ll feast as the nights draw in and give thanks for our harvest, as the summer drifts into memory…

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Salt Of The Earth, Soul Of The Sea...

You can take the fisherman out of the sea, but you can’t take the sea out of the fisherman. Our creative captain has been back on the water these last couple of weeks, fishing of Pittenweem and providing holiday cover for the skipper of a creel boat. And this is exactly why we launched Soil and Surf.

An East Neuk-based fisherman for 30 years, experienced seafood specialist, and Pittenweem In Bloom award-winning gardener and maker, Jim Knox is a local man whose entire life has been shaped by Soil and Surf.

For decades, he has moved back and forth between the two elements: deep sea fishing, running a successful gardening business, skippering creel boats, and specialising in hand-prepared shellfish. Now, his work is anchored to the best of both worlds...

…salt of the earth, soul of the sea.

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Image by Duke Photography

A Reason For Every Season...

Recently, the Harbourlea Retirement Community in Anstruther tasked us with tidying up their outdoor space and we’ve just completed the first section of this worthwhile project - see top left. Our other highlights around the East Neuk this summer include creating the world’s tiniest garden. And the world’s longest table. And digging up soil 
on the edge of the surf...because in a place like that, we are literally in our element/s. And, as the wheel of seasons begins to turn, there’s plenty more to be done. Autumn will soon work its magic and we’ll be ready with the leaf blower…

Praise From Pittenweem Properties...

'We’re incredibly impressed with the excellent work Soil and Surf have carried out at a number of our rental properties to make sure gardens are the perfect place to relax. As well as all things garden related, they know a thing or two about seafood too! If you’re staying in any of our self catering properties, why not let them give you a demonstration before you tuck into some of the freshest seafood you can get?!' 🌿🐟🦐🦂🌱'

- Pittenweem Properties (client)

Soil And Surf - A Pop-Up Showcase...

Last weekend, friends of Soil and Surf joined us in our driftwood garden for a celebration of hills and harbours, mountains and mermaids, wildlife and waves. Profits of £470 were raised for the people who help keep us safe in our favourite wild places - ocean deep, mountain high - Anstruther Lifeboat Shop and Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team. Thank you to everyone who joined us and to supporters for digging deep and donating! And now, here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes…

Gamekeeper's Gallery
As Seen On TV! We journeyed into the wild with our special guest, Peter Mckinney, highland gamekeeper-turned-photographer. You may even remember him from documentary, Kill It, Cook It, Eat It. Amidst the beauty of the Cairngorm National Park and beyond - with its abundance of wildlife and epic mountain scenery - he always gets the perfect shot. Meanwhile, his wife, Kate poured the perfect shots at our alfresco bar...

Mermaid Cafe
Served in waves, guests experienced the taste of ’soil and surf’…special thanks to Pittenweem Hub for supplying our 'Hills and Harbour' gin, our friends in the highlands for the wild venison and to local fisherman, Nick, for the lobster. Also, pizza was created in our Ooni 3 wood-fired oven from Ooni and you can find a recipe for the base at

Gardener's Gallery
Elsewhere in our driftwood garden, we invited guests to experience creative gardening | coastal living. Jim showcased the fruits of his labour: a coast-inspired garden featuring beachcombed treasures and Pittenweem In Bloom award-winning driftwood sculpture, community allotment and handmade furniture crafted for #outdoorliving by the sea.

And Not-So-Hidden-Treasures...
2pm - 4pm
Our magical mermaids offered messages and massagesthe mermaid oracle card readings soothed minds while our trailed therapist Stephanie, soothed hardworking hands.

THANK YOU again for joining us where the mountains met the sea - for one day only - and experiencing the simple pleasures of a Soil and Surf lifestyle.